Lalu Yadav has become the question of KBC, that’s why such leaders are saying such things



Patna (Bihar) All parties are busy in the preparations for the assembly elections in Bihar. In recent days, the number of people meeting Lalu has increased due to the preparations for the election. People are getting permission to meet them even on normal days. In such a situation, JDU and BJP have once again targeted them. JDU spokesperson Rajiv Ranjan even went so far as to say that he has become a question of who will become a millionaire. Explain that a new government is to be formed in Bihar by 29 November. In such a situation, there is a possibility of holding elections in October-November. At the same time, there has been an increase in those who meet RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav in jail, which the opposition parties do not like.

JDU spokesman made this question
JDU spokesman Rajeev Ranjan said that ‘Lalu has made the jail the office of RJD national president. This can become a question of Kaun Banega Crorepati program. The question may be that – which leaders in the country run the party from jail? Obviously the answer would be RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Election commission should take action
The JDU spokesperson said that all the work from seat sharing to running the party is being done from jail. Prison manuals are being stripped. In such a situation, the Election Commission should take a tough decision.

..So jail is becoming electoral office
In Jharkhand, the BJP has demanded the Hemant government and the jail administration to monitor the number of people who met Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) president Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is serving a sentence in a bungalow due to Corona. State Spokesperson Pratul Shahdev said that there are complaints that people are constantly meeting the RJD supremo who are serving sentence in the fodder scam by flouting the rules of the jail manual. This bungalow is becoming the principal electoral office of the RJD.


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