Jote Joteyali: In case the channel broadcasting the serial can ban the artist. Apart from this there is no chance to ban anyone suddenly

Aniruddha Jatkar, the lead actor of the popular Kannada serial 'Jothe Jotheyali', has been banned by the Kannada Television Producers Association for 2 years.

Through this, it has been decided not to allow Anirudh in any television program, said Bhaskar, President of the Television Producers Association.

Actor Anirudh's team of technicians has gone wrong, so it has been decided to drop him from the serial.

We have not banned Anirudh. But Bhaskar said that they are keeping him away from television for two years.

Anirudh has called one of the team lead of the serial Let's get along as a fool. He left the shooting set after insulting the script. This time there was a quarrel.

Last two days also, Anirudh had a fight with the serial team and went out without shooting. Enough with their behavior.

The President of the Television Producers' Association said that such incidents have recurred so many times, that is why we have taken this decision.

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