Yes, You should invest in cryptocurrencies but invest only amount which you can afford to lose because crypto market is soo volatile.

After learning you can invest more. In start you should invest only in top crypto projects.

These are less risky. You can see the cryptocurrencies index, info & history chart at coinmarketcap.

We ganeraly buy at low price & sell at high price. If you're in loss never sell it. 

Selling in loss is not a good practice. Patience is very important in crypto trading. Each coin will pump again.

To be an expert crypto investor you should take interest in news & updates related to cryptocurrencies.

According to Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) "Investing is not risky. Being financially uneducated is risky".

You should follow crypto experts at YouTube who are successful in crypto trading. They are also providing very useful crypto signals after own research.